Ashley Lutek

Knittin in the Stars

For my senior thesis project I decided to create a monthly subscription box for knitters interested in astrology or those who use knitting as a form of therapy. 

How do the two relate?
Knitting can be found rooted in mythology and in stories associated with the occult. Certain zodiac signs in astrology have characteristics that make them creative. While creativity can take on many different forms, knitting is a meditative form of fiber arts that create rhythmic patterns which have been proven to reduce stress, depression and chronic pain. 

 This is a 12 month subscription which allows knitters to create individual pieces to a quilt that displays all 12 zodiac signs. The subscription can be started at any time of the year. Each box correlates with the appropriate zodiac sign at the time of order.

Art Director: Soonduk Krebs
: Ashley Lutek
: Tyler School of Art, Temple University
: Olivia Guidara

Taurus View 2.jpg